JUNGLEWALLA – Mangrove Tour


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This River Cruise is suitable for families with Young Children. From Desaru Coast, we drive to Sungai Lebam River and hop on to the wooden boat. This is a wide river surrounded by a very rich and lush mangrove forest. The drive passes through secondary forests and areas cleared for Agriculture and Palm Oil.

Birds can be spotted especially the Black-Shoulder Kites, Herons, and Pacific Swallows. The arrival at the jetty shows a view of a small fishing settlement and a floating restaurant.
As the boat gently meanders along the river your guide will unravel the many interesting secrets of this unique ecosystem. These bizarre-looking mangrove trees have adapted to live in this dynamic and constantly changing environment dictated by the ebb and flow of ocean tides. Mangroves are also home to myriad species of animals equally adapted to this ecology.
After the mangrove boat tour, we will make a stop at the famous Desaru


Tour inclusive of: Return Transfer from Desaru Coast, Nature Guide and drinking water.

Recommended Attire: Hat, t-shirt, long pants, sun protection, covered shoes or sport shoes.

Theme: Educational, family-friendly and fun

Location: Sungai Lebam River and Desaru Fruit Farm Shop

Distance from Desaru: Approximately – 1

Duration to Site(s): 15 minutes

Suitable to Any age from 2 years old and above
Difficulty Level: Easy
Available on: Tuesday to Sunday

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